The challenge to our problem-solving skills is to accept failure.

As we all know about the demise of our beloved Edhi sb, his son Faisal is now managing the Edhi Foundation and has requested people to help donate as there is a fear of a drop in the funds after Edhi Sb.’s death. Edhi sb used to stand on the street begging for money. He would collect the smallest amount of money he would get for the foundation.

Abdul Sattar Edhi (Edhi foundation)

Now to challenge our problem-solving skills, We as a group made a strategy on how to convince people to donate to the Edhi Foundation. It was not an easy task to challenge our problem-solving skills to accept failure. The strategy was to do it individually. Each member of the group will meet or talk to their social circle and will convince them to donate to Edhi Foundation. The duration of this task was two weeks and in the last, we had a meeting where we shared our experience of the whole process.

All of the members were thinking that it will be an easy task to do. One member of the group shared that “ I thought it will be easy for me to work on it but unfortunately, I was wrong.” All members of the group were so motivated and thinking that they can do it easily. We reached out to our friends first and then contacted all other people to which we have access through social media.


When we asked our friends about it in friends meetups. Following are some replies from our friends.

  • “These things don’t matter, if we pray 5 times a day, keep fasts and read Quran, we will go to heavens, so I don’t consider such activities important.”
  • “Others replied, we don’t believe trust anymore after the death of Edhi Sahab, so we pay to beggars in the street and it’s enough.”
  • “Yar I also need charity or funds for myself to buy new iPad and air pods.”

The experience was kind of exhausting because it took a lot of stamina for convincing them and still the results were not promising. We reached out to people both in group settings and individually. But we didn’t get even a single response in a group on the other hand members were able to convince people individually. People are quite lazy and they didn’t want to be involved in this stuff

On the question of “It was easy to convince people or not?” One member of the group replied that “This was the first time I failed to convince people. I realized that speaking power or convince power are two different things. I may win the debate but can’t convince others to accept it.”

The thing we learned from this experience was that nothing comes easy and you really have to go out of your way when trying to achieve something. After all of this experience, we accepted the Edhi Sahab quote: “People have become educated, but have not yet become human.”



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