Reflection on Growth Mindset Toolkit.

Let’s do some talk on one part of entrepreneurial mindset that is growth mindset. First of all you have to go through some objectives of Growth Mindset Toolkit.

Self Talk.
Get out of your comfort zone.
Create new habits.
Ask People Help.
Fake it until you make it.

Reflection to Amal Totkay

These are the tips which you can implement in your daily routine to improve a great growth mindset. Everyone of us have a self talk means we talk to our self everyday. Now to manipulate these talk for our self you need to tell yourself that you can do/achieve anything because what we think, we become.

You will get a motivation by thinking and telling yourself that you can and you will. Its time to get out of your comfort zone and putting yourself in challenging situation. Trying to thinking the solution and trying to solve the problem will upgrade your mindset to growth mindset. There is always some new there to learn in every situation. If you are thinking that you can’t learn anything or you think that you have knowledge and you don’t need to learn anything, it is something called fixed mindset.

You always need to learn something new. Once one of my instructor said that if you are giving one hour to learn or practice something and it is not working for you, increase the time you are giving. Go more beyond the limit to learn thing.

Growth mindset

Make your self accountable everyday, look deeply into your inner self. You will find some bad habits that are cause of fixed mind set. Work on them and try to remove them. Also create new habits and try to integrate these habits into your day that will help your mindset change to growth mindset. Next step is to ask people about yourself to comment on how you have changed your interaction with people recently. Yet if you think that you haven't gained the growth mindset up till now.

Try to believe and try acting as if you have the growth mindset. You will be aware of quote that “Fake it until you make it”, eventually you will get it. Again the statement come true, “What you think, you become”. My favourite tip of all the toolkit is creating new habits that will lead me to growth mindset. It’s because when you are trying to create new habits it will automatically kick out all the bad habits you have that is causing you a fixed mindset.

Creating and trying to integrate that habit into your day will eventually lead you to string growth mindset.
I had create a habits of reading posts on LinkedIn or any other social media platform. You can create some habits like reading, trying to learn new thing etc.



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