#JustStart your Goals and making it Happen.

The keyword #juststart means to start immediately. But the question is what to start and how to start immediately?. The answer is life goals e.g. some are long term goals and some are short term goals. I will talk about my short term goals in this blog which I can Achieve in next few months. You want to know about my goals.
Curious right? Okay lets start….!


My first goal will be to increase my English language skills. To have a good grasp over grammar and vocabulary. I will work on tenses to use good grammar in my conversation and I will enhance my vocabulary.

My second Goal will be to overcome my hesitation and nervousness when talking in front of people. I feel much hesitation and become so nervous that I can’t talk.

These are two most important skills in today world everyone should have. English language proficiency and presentation skill. Out there at any industry you will need to talk in English to convey your massage and while presenting you will need to stand in front of people, where your hesitation and nervousness can ruin everything. Its the body language that effect the audience. These are some why’s/reason’s that why I want to work on my skills.

My #juststart goals

Our educational institutions just teaches us tenses and grammar, but they do not provide a safe environment to develop these skills. So the student does not have a chance to develop their skills. If someone is feeling hesitation or getting nervous when talking to group of people, but our society, educational institutions and friend circle do not support this type of person. They bullied these kind of people as a result they feel down at every place and have no courage to talk. All these the things which I had face by myself.

I have started working on these skills but its just a start and will see with time. All we need to have a road map and follow the map throughout the time.
Now I will discuss about my road map.
As my first goal is English language skills that I have to achieve. I have divided this goal into two parts.
Grammar and vocabulary.
For Grammar, there are the portions of tenses. Every portion per week, past tense, present tense, future tense. It will take three weeks to complete. For vocabulary I bought a book named as “Simple Vocabulary”. I will read it with time while going through the tenses.
My second goals is to overcome my hesitation and nervousness. For this purpose i will try to speak
in Amal academy sessions.



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