Insight of Experience of getting closer to our project.

We are getting closer to our project. At Amal academy fellowship its about a month that we are going through career preparation session, courses, home works and many more. Now its time to do some real work. We are planning to do a real world project, where we will work as a team. All we have to do now is to come up with a idea of some real world project that can related to entrepreneurship, social cause or any thing which is beneficial to people and society.

Populated roads in Pakistan.

I did some research on it and came up with idea to facilitate people with first aid on roads and highways under the supervision of traffic police. It is really exciting that we will got an opportunity to work on real world project. We will work as a team, so this time we will have an experience of team work.

We are living in country which is under development. Our people don’t have access to resources (Education, Health etc.). On daily bases road accident happens but they don’t have access to first aid. Traffic system is not enough good to avoid road accident. While taking victim to hospital can take time, this may lead the victim to serious condition. On the roads, Highways there is not such a system to provide first aid to accident victims.

So the idea is to provide/install first aid toolkit on roads in populated area under the supervision of traffic police. I met with some two to three people and I asked them some questions e.g. how you find it that there is no facility of first aid on roads. What do you people think of when you have a facility of first aid to road accident victims.

Here some insight of what they share:
It is weakness of our departments that they are not focusing on these populated road areas. There must be such a facility to for people so that accident victims can be protected from serious conditions. We are living in such a condition that we have no quick access to the hospitals to take the victims to hospital quickly



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