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  • Umair Ahmed Khanzada

    Umair Ahmed Khanzada

    Web & Mobile Application Developer, interests: Reading, Writing, and Open Source Contribution.

  • Jasmine Gump

    Jasmine Gump

    I like to write about things that confuse me in hopes of understanding things better.

  • Muddassar Sharif

    Muddassar Sharif

    Trying to increase the adoption of Artificial Intelligence by making it explainable, safe, transparent, and trustworthy.

  • Sanahanif


    My name is sana hanif and i am a chemical engineer by profession. currently i am pursuing in msc chemical engineering.i am adventure loving and humble.

  • Humza 207

    Humza 207

  • Kashaf Naz

    Kashaf Naz

    I’m a Bioinformatician Data Scientist to be…

  • Muhammad Talha

    Muhammad Talha

  • Maira Sahar

    Maira Sahar

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