Fixing stuff around yourself.

A common perception around leadership is that we can only lead when we are given full authority or control over some task e.g. only when we’re given the “manager” role can we lead. We will talk about a question about leadership in this blog and the question is, Is it possible to lead if we are not in charge. If the answer to question is yes the “How”?

Leadership from responsibilities.

Does management mean, you can also lead. There are two keywords authority and responsibility. Management or culture of management teaches us what we need to tell others people to do what we want. The other keyword is responsibility, you take responsibility. Remember you are given an authority
where as you can take responsibility.

When you take responsibility, when you say: “its on me!”. People are eager to see what will happen regardless of where you are in the organisation, you have a chance to step up.

If you are looking to start your journey on becoming a leader, what better place to start than your own house, your room or your own surroundings. You can fix any kind of stuff around yourself. you need to first examine the area you are in right now while reading this. It could be your bedroom, your living room, your university’s library, a public park, anything!. While examining your environment, you need to identify things in your surroundings that can be fixed/improved/cleaned/organised/mended/attended to.

Getting things fixed around yourself.

Now let me tell you about myself, so that you can take some motivation or can have idea of what to do. I am final year student in the university. I live in a private hostel outside the university. So things need to be fixed on their own.

Today I found some of my waist needed to be washed. I collected them all and
put them in bucket. I brought some washing powder and mix them in the water in which i had put my waist. Then after a couple of hours I got them of the water and put them on rope in sun.

Arial Washing Powder.

I discovered some other things that were scattered e.g. Some papers, notebooks, pen, CharJi device etc.I did a little cleaning of the whole room and then get everything to their place. I did a little cleaning of the whole room and then get everything to their place.

Cleaning stuff around.

Basically, the main purpose of this activity was to make you realise that it has nothing to do with the authority to be a good leader. You can be a leader without any authority by taking responsibility.



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